Mission Statement

My intention for creating the Neophyte Podcast is to combine my passion for storytelling with the emerging form of digital media, podcasting. What intrigues me about podcasting is its “punk rock-ness”. Podcasting has proven itself to be a disruptive technology that has made many radio traditionalists reconsider their preconceived notions about audience, engagement, branding, content, and distribution. This notion of disruptiveness is largely due to the inexpensive technology and open Internet distribution channels that are not owned or regulated by conglomerates or government agencies like the Federal Communications Commission. Podcasting is the antithesis of terrestrial radio, which is emblematic of monopolized networks and limited access to one-wayu channels of communication. It symbolically represents a diversification of perspectives and a socio-paradigm that challenges traditional models of information dissemination. I believe that podcasting and blogging have the capacity to unlock the once-shackled doors of broadcasting and publishing for a myriad of individuals who have been shut out of the old media system. My blog will follow my journey into podcasting as a novice recording shows from my bedroom closet. I want to show people that a quality podcast can start organically and be successful.

As my podcast and blog will tell my story becoming a podcaster, I want to also help tell the stories of other DIY authors who have taken alternative methods to have their voices heard. The focus of this podcast is help neophyte writers get their words into the world without contending with agents, publishers, or any of the other gatekeepers in traditional publishing. There’s never been a better time to become a writer and to be in charge of your own destiny rather than jumping through the hoops of traditional publishing. Each week I will interview a self-published writer. They will tell you their stories breaking into the publishing world, the challenges they’ve faced doing something outside the traditional norm, and share their work with you. I have contacted both personal friends and complete strangers to bring to you an eclectic mix of young self-published authors, ranging from an erotica writer from San Diego to a screenwriter turned steampunk writer to a children’s book author who was inspired to write his own books to help his six -year-old niece love reading as much as he does.

This ten-week experiment will conclude with an interview with myself. I have a creative writing undergraduate degree from UCSD and since complete strangers have been kind enough to share their work with me, I feel it’s only fair I share my work with my audience. During my senior year, I compiled a collection of 15 short fiction stories. I had heard the usual horror stories from other young authors about hiring a publishing agent and dealing with stubborn editors, so I’ve just let them sit and take up memory on my hard drive. The courage of the self-published authors I’ve interviewed has inspired me to self-publish my work.


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