Sixth Podcast Reflection

After three hours, five cups of coffee, and 300 edits, I am finally finished my interview with self-published children’s author CJ Smiles. Although I am happy with my final product, this podcast didn’t run as smoothly as I planned. Setting up the podcast was a complete nightmare: the application Soundflower, which splits a Skype conversation into two separate audio tracks, refused to open. I was ultimately forced to uninstall the program and reinstall it again. After about ten minutes, it finally opened. I then ran into problems with Skype. Apparently, Skype gave me a software update without notifying me of the change. The biggest problem with this update is it combines both audio and video into one preference option. I wasn’t able to customize both the audio input and output through Linein. Normally, I set up all my audio settings the night before recording, but I forgot because I’ve been under the weather this week. Another important lesson to beginner podcasters: don’t wait until the last minute to do something, especially when you’re depending on programs and applications that are new to you.

A perspective of how many edits go into making a twenty minute interview (314 in total)

Once everything was finally up and running accordingly, I began my interview with CJ. He was great for not having done a podcast interview. CJ’s answers were not verbose and he stayed focused on the question asked. My biggest gripe with the interview was me. I was too formal and listeners can tell that I followed a prepared list of questions, which me seem too reserved. In the future I need to have more fun with the quest and develop a rapport that sound more like two long-time friends talking rather than two complete strangers. Unlike Joe’s interview which was too all over the place, this podcast lacks my personality. I’m not sure why though. CJ was a nice guy and, unlike my previous interviews, I started a correspondence with him days before the interview. I’m afraid that people that listen to this podcast will not be interested in reading my blog because they don’t get a sense of who I am. For tomorrow’s interview with steampunk writer Michael Coorlim I need to be less reserved and have fun with it.

My preliminary set of questions for CJ Smiles

The editing process hasn’t gotten any easier or faster. On average it still takes approximately about a hour to edit the “ums,” “likes,” and dead air out of a ten minute segment. Unlike any of the other podcasts, I sent CJ a preliminary set of questions for the interview. I did this mainly because of how disorganized Joe’s interview was last week. I didn’t want CJ to ramble on for minutes at a time because it would’ve been too much to edit down and result in a less compelling show. I was careful to eliminate questions that CJ indirectly answered to make the podcast less redundant. After listening to the podcast for the third time, I am still amazed at how professional CJ Smiles was for conducting his first interview. CJ, if you’re reading this, good job.


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