Fourth Podcast Reflection

For this podcast reflection, I interviewed Aubrey Watt, a self-published erotica writer who began writing in January 2012. Since my third podcast was rejected from ITunes, I decided to take my idea into a different direction: self-publishing. I created a post on asking for writers to share their experiences with alternative publication. I was surprised by number of responses as well as the enthusiasm they had for a podcast dedicated to self-publishing. Some of the responses I received were from children book authors, creators of entire fantasy series, a creator of a zine in San Diego, and a 14-year-old writer who is writing a sequel to his cult-popular The Dreamers Adventures. It is important to point out that this podcast is not like the “self-publishing podcast,” which focuses on three writers and their advice to aspiring authors. The Neophyte Podcast is dedicated to give emerging writers a platform to tell their stories of where they came from and their unique experiences.

Aubrey was one of the first to reply and the subject matter was both intriguing and foreign to me that I thought she would make a good first interview. I wanted my first podcast about self-publishing to be evocative to create an initial word-of-mouth about my podcast. I carefully created an outline of questions to ask her, something I learned from my previous interview with Iku.  Aubrey conducted a AMA (ask me anything) interview on Reddit a few weeks previous, so I used this as my foundation. I only took the questions that had a fully articulated response and were informative. From there I formed more personal questions about her immediate success as self-published writer (after only 10 months of writing, she averages $1600 a month in residuals from Amazon).

I know nothing about the erotica genre so I assumed most of my listeners were as unfamiliar with the genre. I started off asking general questions about what it is (i.e. “What is the difference between erotica and erotic romance”) before transiting into Aubrey’s story as a writer. She did a wonderful job explaining her process of first writing the story, formatting into Smashwords, creating the cover art, and how she markets both herself and her work. I wasn’t uncomfortable interviewing someone who is as open talking about sexuality, as much as I was nervous as asking the right questions. I didn’t want the interview to be boring for her and asking the same generic questions that all erotica writers are asked.

Unlike the first two podcasts, the audio quality of this interview was acceptable. I created a quick tutorial called “Podcast Tutorial using Skype and Garageband” that shows how easy it is to record a podcast with someone two states over. Before the podcast, I also created a quick intro to the show that consists of only a single sound effect, A Tribe Called Quest intro used as a bed, and a recorded voice over of my girlfriend’s voice. I figured having an introduction to the show would give the podcast a more “professional” feeling while also reiterating the name of my podcast to many new listeners. After listening to the podcast for a third time, I hear mugged noises coming as I readjust my microphone during the interview.


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