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Podcast Tutorial Using Skype and Garageband

In this tutorial, I will show you how to record a podcast using Skype and the free software GarageBand, LineIn, and Soundflower. You will also need headphones and (if you choose so) a microphone.  I record my podcast with my computer’s internal microphone for this tutorial.

The first step is create a free Skype account. All that is necessary to create a Skype Account is an active email account. It should only take 5-10 minutes to create your profile. After your Skype account is activated, you need to download Linein ( http://www.rogueamoeba.com/freebies/  ) and Soundflower ( http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/14067/soundflower ). Both programs are free and relatively simply to install.

When you launch Soundflower, a flower icon will appear in your menu bar. This is where you set the parameters for Soundflower.

Soundflower Perference Settings

Set Soundflower (2ch) to None (OFF) like the picture above.

Next, you will need to set your LineIn preferences. LineIn allows you to run your sound through your microphone into your sound port. After launching the program, select your “Input from” and “output to” opinions. Your “input from” opinion will be the microphone you are using to record. For this podcast, I am using the build-in microphone on my MacBook Pro. The “Output to” must be set to “Soundflower (16ch)”.  Click the “Pass Thru” button and you should see the levels move when you talk into your microphone.

LineIn Settings

Next, go to your preference menu on Skype and click on the Audio option. Change the Audio output to “Soundflower (16ch)” and Audio input to “Internal Microphone” You may changing the Ringing option based on your preference of whether or not you want the ringing sound effect when your Skype call is made.

It is important to set your computer’s System Preferences before opening GarageBand. Choose the Sound option and click the “Input” button. This is where you select the microphone you will be using to record your voice. Again, for this tutorial and podcast, I  chose the internal microphone built-in my computer. After selecting your device for sound input, Check to see if your levels are moving. If there are barely moving, adjust your  “input volume” accordingly; likewise, if your levels are too high, lower your “Input volume.” Making sure your volume levels are perfectly set may take some time, but it’s an integral part of creating a good podcast. If your volume is much higher than your partners, it will be apparent to your audience.

System Perferences Input Settings

Next, select the “Output” option that is to the direct left of the “Input” menu. By now you should have your headphones plugged into your computer so select “Headphones.” When recording, you cannot have audio coming out of your speakers. This will create a feedback loop that won’t stop until you plug in your headphones.

System Perferences Output Settings

Launch GarageBand preferences and select the Audio/MIDI option. My suggestion is to leave the Audio Output at System Settings. Audio Input, however, must be changed to “Soundflower (16ch)”

GarageBand Preferences Audio/MIDI Settings

When you’re ready to record your podcast, the first track will be the other person on Skype (for me, my first track is Joe’s voice). Select the guest’s channel and click the “i” icon on the bottom right corner of GarageBand which should pull up a new menu. Set the input source as “Stereo 1/2 Soundflower (16ch).” Be sure to turn the monitor “on” so you can hear the guest’s voice during the interview.

Garageband Guest Settings

Next, select the second track. This track will be your voice recording. Again, click on the “i” icon and the same menu as before will come up. Your input source will have to be changed to “stereo 3/4 Soundflower (16 ch).” Unlike the guest’s track, you have to switch the monitor option from “on” to “off.” This is important to reduce feedback.

GarageBand Personal Settings

I like to add the pre-configured effects to my recordings. For my podcast with Joe, I used the podcasting>Male Narrator effect to give both of us a richer, more natural sounding effect (The picture above shows you the hundreds of effects you can add to your recording). The last step before you can record on your own is to go to the menu bar, go to “Track,” and select “Enable Multitrack Recording.” Once you done this, a red recording button under each track will appear.

Enable Multitrack Recording

You are now ready to record your own podcast 🙂

9 thoughts on “Podcast Tutorial Using Skype and Garageband

  1. Very helpful! I just recently switched over to a MacBook and need to get this configured so I can start recording my podcast as I have now sold my old PC. When I download Soundflower 1.6.6b I have a 2ch option and a 64ch option, I assume I can follow the same instructions, but use the 64ch option everywhere you mention the 16ch?
    Thanks in advance,

  2. I have all of this working. A few questions:

    1. If I want to use Garageband stingers or jingles, what settings do I need? While both mics are on, and recording through Skype, the effects aren’t recording properly and the meter (for the effects track) doesn’t light up at all.
    2. Is there a limit to how many callers I can take? I suppose set up a different track per called and all on 1/2 Sunflower setting (in Garageband)?

  3. I’ve followed these instruction multiple times and every time I have the same problem: There is only one track that records and it’s my voice. Moreover, my voice records on stereo 1/2, not stereo 3/4 like your tutorial would suggest. Any idea what is going on? For now i’m using AHP, which records both voices onto one track. I end up editing my voice out and then am left with a guest voice track from AHP and my voice from Garageband. By far, it is less then ideal, however if I could use Garageband to get isolated tracks and use AHP for a back-up with both voices merged as one, I would be much happier. Any advice would help!


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