And So My Voyage Begins

For the past week I have been researching the different methods to make a podcast. For this project, I have given myself the constraint of a strict $100 budget. This means that no matter what, I will not exceed $100 in purchasing audio equipment (microphones, mixers, soundboards, editing software, etc.). This is for two reasons: first, being a broke, unemployed graduate student, I don’t have the necessary funds to purchase such extravagancies. Second, I want to show other novice broadcasters that creating a quality podcast for cheap is possible.

I have alway been in communication with Hollow Earth Radio, a DIY online streaming radio station here in Seattle, who has agreed to let me shadow them for a broadcast. I hope that this experience will give me a better direction in how to approach recording my first podcast.

Lastly, I have purchased my first microphone, a Logitech USB Desktop Microphone, for $21.64. That leaves me with $78.36 for the rest of the quarter, so I will be experimenting with the free audio editing software that came with my laptop, GarageBand. I hope to have my first podcast recorded and upload (via Soundcloud) to this blog on Tuesday.


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