My decision to create Neophyte Podcasts came out of my love for radio. I have always been more infatuated with radio than television; I felt a closer, more intimate relationship with the talk show hosts I was listening to like Mike Francesa, “Mad Dog” Russo, Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew, Howard Stern, Ira Glass, etc. I believe journalism is shifting from consensus print and broadcast media – emblematic of monopolized networks and limited access to one-way channels of communication – to emerging digital mediums. New media, like blogging and podcasting, represent a diversification of perspectives and a socio-paradigm that challenges traditional models of information dissemination. Digital media has the capacity to unlock the once-shackled doors of journalism and creativity for a myriad of people who have been shut out of the old media system. Unprecedented technological innovation and powerful distribution networks available through the Internet are the integral components that are facilitating our current media revolution.

I took an internship at KJEE, the “only independent modern rock station in Santa Barbara” after finishing my undergraduate degree. I got to meet the faces I had heard every morning, Dave Hanacek, Phat J, Bernie Baggs. It also let me get a better perspective of where terrestrial radio is headed. The biggest complaint I heard from the DJs was having to play according to a set playlist made by a program director who favored established rock bands like the Foo Fighters or Linkin Park more than indie or underground acts. KJEE was “independent” in the sense that it wasn’t owned by Viacom or Clear Channel, but it still adhered to the Federal Communications Commissions standards.

Although, I left KJEE in September 2012 with little audio production understanding and no on-air experience, my desire to have my own music channel persisted. This blog will follow my journey to become a music DJ. Instead of using the crammed airwaves of terrestrial airwaves, I will post a weekly podcast of bands and artists that are not being played on the air. I want an eclectic variety of music that spans from contemporary digital underground trance music to indie rock to hardcore death metal with all artists sharing one commonality: they’re not in heavy rotation of bigger, more established radio stations. My podcast will allow me to bridge my creative writing background to broadcast journalism and illustrates how our current media revolution is being perpetuated by human expression rather than monetary exigencies.


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